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Table of Measurements and Fabrics

Table of Measurements and Fabrics

We work with a highly quality RAW material and fiber of high tecnology, that beyond the better fit and confort, durability and excelent performance.
Know below the Clothing Fabrics that we use:
Basic (Fitness):
Colors: Black, Navy Blue and Gray. 92% Polyamide 8% Elastane, Grammage 315 g/m². Clothing fabric with microfibers and polyamide, that provides a cotton look with and
the durability of the microfiber, providing a nice touch made of smart fibers, and with a highly tecnology, o Fitplex® keeps the moist away from the skin and has , which makes perfect for espotive clothing. The Raw material of high quality assures a versatile fabric and with high durability,Used in Pants, Overall’s, tops, and shorts
Mostly printed. 90% Polyamide 10% Elastane. Tecnological Fabric mesh build with texturized polyamide Amni® Rhodia e elastane with a balanced elasticity and sweet touch, Used for the making of beach clothing as long as fitness clothing. Balanced compression, free movements and confortable grip to the body. Used in Pants Overalls tops shorts.
New Zealand®:
88% Polyamide 12% Elastane, Grammage 350 g/m². Technological mesh fabric with highly compression properties, providing a better blood flow besides that it helps to hide body fat and enhancing the silhouette and we work with this clothing fabric only in the white color, its not a see through fabric due to the grammage of it. Used in pants , overalls, tops, and shorts.
Many Colors. 100% Polyamide. Which is also known as dryfit or termoair, is a super light fabric dries and absorbs quickly. Used in tops, babylooks and Blouses.
Cire / Cirrê:
Bright texture similar to what we found in leather clothing. Grammage : 220g/m2. Composition : 85% polyamide 15% elastane
Clothing fabric mostly used in casual clothing to create models like dresses, Blouses, skirts and pants. Is a very strong and simple clothing fabrichowever is confortable and tough . there is a lot of textures in the viscolycra that can change in the process of making It Composition: 96% viscose fiber e 6% elastane
Top Fashion: (same as Suplex Light) 90% polyamide e 10% elastane – 250g/m²
Dinamic Ice: (same as  Fluity, Super Thin clothing fabric very smooth, elasticity and a light touch) 90% polyamide e 10% elastane – 160g/m²
Printed design: Texturized Clothing Fabric with a soft touch reminds of Jacquard. Grammage : 200g/m2. Composition : 84% polyamide 16% elastane
Internal Lining: 100% Polyamide
Printed Trend: Printed Clothing fabric with a special touch, provocando providing a Nice sensation when in contact with the skin. Hás a soft touch UV protection, besides of the easyness to breathe, and quickly drying Grammage: 240 g/m2 Composition: 90% polyamide 10% elastane
Fluit: Grammage: 135 g/m2. Composition:  84% polyamide 16% elastane
Ikat: Clothing fabric with light bright a little fluted. Sweet touch and high elasticity. Grammage: 250 g/m2. Composition: 85% polyamide 15% elastane
Digital Print: High tecnologic clothing fabric digitally printed, process that assures na extensive liveliness of the colors , bright and distinctness.
Grammage: 235 g/m2. Composition: 84% polyamide 16% elastane
Light Printed:
Thin Mesh Fabric and a light elasticity. golden bright print. Grammage: 145 g/m2 Composition: 74,9% polyamide 25,1% elastane
Lycra Splash Santa Constancia:
Tecnological and exclusive clothing fabric by Santa Constancia. Bright and with a moist appearance, soft and highly elastic. Fits with the body movement, Facilitates the breathing,
absorption of sweat e and equilibrates the temperature of the body. Grammage: 248 g/m2. Composition: 90% polyamide 10% elastane
Opaque and Smooth:
Grammage: 220 g/m2. Composition: 85% polyamide 15% elastane
Printed Tulle:
Grammage: 85 g/m2 Composition: 95% polyamide 5% elastane
Tule Powernet smooth screen:
Grammage: 90/100 g/m2. Composition: 82% polyamide 18% elastane
Texturized Clothing FabricWith a special touch and a slightly bright appearance, high elasticity, pleasant to touch.
Grammage: 245 g/m2. Composition: 87% polyamide 13% elastane
Jacquard Bee:
Grammage: 280 g/m2. Composition:  45% polyamide 37% poliester 18% elastane
Fitness Top:
Grammage:  320 g/m2. Composition: 86% polyamide 14% elastane
Jacquard :
Grammage: 280 g/m2. Composition:  45% polyamide 37% poliester 18% elastane
Jacquard Jolly:
Grammage: 312 g/m2. Composition: 93% poliester 7% elastane
Jacquard Gravat:
Grammage: 380 g/m2. Composition: 63% polyamide 28% elastane 9% poliester
Indigo Rogeant:
Grammage: 270 g/m2. Composition: 48% poliéster 48% cotton 4% elastane
Mini Ottoman:
Grammage: 380 g/m2. Composition: 60% polyamide 28% poliester 12% elastane
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